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First Aid Supplies.
Bandages, tapes, gauze and more.
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Topical Medications.
Antiseptics, sprays & ointments.
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Medi First Plus Tablets.
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Emergency Eyewash.
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Protection from bloodborne pathogens.
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Medi-First® Plus Van First Aid Service

 Medi-First® Plus is recognized as a symbol of quality and top-notch service
1000's of products to choose from
A complete line of bandages for any needs, including heavy weight flexible, plastic and blue metal detectable in a variety of sizes and shapes
Topical ointments and sprays help ensure relief from minor cuts and burns
A complete eyewash line available in a variety of sizes for different uses

First Aid kits and cabinets for every situation
Medi-First® Plus standard industrial kits have been updated to meet the latest ANSI standards
New kits for multi-purpose use and emergency preparedness for natural or man-made disasters
Our travel kits are perfect for domestic or international travel and contain everything you need


Custom Solutions

You may not realize it, but Medique Products has been offering custom first aid solutions to our customers for years. From silk-screening to kit fills to custom packaging and beyond, we will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

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